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In what used to be nothing but dry land, a special individual came along and changed everything. A plant-based life form that was known only as The Rain Maker gave life to an ordinary and spiritless place and turned it into a concrete jungle. The Rainmaker was able to grow his species within a few short months. The Bonenugz began sprouting up all over the land but with no direction, they roamed the city doing anything they could to survive and get their smoke on. 

The Rainmaker worried that his creation was doing more bad than good, so he came up with a plan. He created what he called his 3 Wisemen or Tripple OG's. With their help, he was able to go and round up all the Bonenugz throughout the city to come together as one community of misfits and outsiders. Nothing but good, stress-free vibes were enough to get each Nug together without a problem. 

They chose five of the most respected Nugz to run a crew of their own, each unique in their own way. As the Nugz's numbers grew, so did their headquarters. This group of surprisingly handy stoners built The Foul Tower by scraping together anything they could find. Sitting on a toxic wasteland at the edge of the city, they made sure the tower was tall enough to watch over their entire turf. It has since grown into a massive cannabis compound to chill out, kick it with their homies and do whatever the hell they want. 

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