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The Foul Crowd ain't f*ckin' around

Silent Reyes Bonenug


Foul Crowd is already in motion preparing for the upcoming metaverses. We have land in Cornucopias, Ape Society, and most importantly Pavia, where our main estate will hold the Foul Tower! Here's our amazing 3D artist who is just plain sick with it! We obviously had to make a page dedicated to him, his hard work, and especially to show you what mad f*ckin' skills look like! Here are a few words by the legend himself... 

What up! I’m Mike aka @silentreyes, and I'm creating some serious 3D magic for the Foul Crowd! Get ready to get FOUL AF! I got my cool Piece-of-Paper from the Academy of Art University in Animation and Visual Effects. I’ve worked at Apple and LG Electronics. The homies from the Foul Crowd reached out and wanted me to craft some 3D mind-bending visuals and bring their Foul Tower to life... so obviously I told them abso-fucking-lutley! Check out the progress shots below, or get bent!

Foul Tower 3D render



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