Welcome to a brand for those who ignore the opinions of the ordinary. Created from the mind of the founder of Foul Crowd Clothing, lead artist & creative director Nick Chill. A man with the imagination & creativity only an ADD stricken, only child could possess. 

The Bonenugz are just the beginning of the far-out future we are in the midst of creating. Our first launch will consist of just 300 chill (and not so chill), sticky icky skeletons. Unleashed upon the Cardano Blockchain running wild, putting in work, racking up $FOUL and looking for $SHMOKE around every corner.

So when it comes down to it, The Bonenugz are just a pack of  oddballs and degenerates chillin' out, smokin' up and gettin' down trying to make their way to the top. Come and join the Crowd, a community that everyone can be apart of!

What is Foul Crowd


The initial launch will be of a limited 300 individually crafted Bonenugz. All Bonenug owners will have full VIP status as well as reaping the benefits for rarity purposes of this first & possibly only non-auto-generated drop. 


Community members will receive updates on our move to the Pavia Metaverse, as well as two more to be anounced at a later time after the drop.  All are available in our basement lounge along with our roadmap!

Sparking your interest? Keep scrolling and proceed to the Basement Lounge!

cork board copy.png

Big Title

animal og.png

Leader: General OG Savage

Bio: A brutal nug who brings a whole new meaning

to sleeping with one eye open.

Crew Info: They are the hunters and gatherers, top of the food chain. These Hybrid Nugz are the most feared outfit of the Bonenugz.


Leader: General OG Smokey

Bio: A ride-or-die Boneug who believes in two things, loyalty &  getting things done right the first time.

Crew Info:   "One & Done" is their motto. There's no time for second chances. If one of these guys has your name, be ready to wake up on the wrong side of the grass.

bongker squad.png

Leader: General Killjoy

Bio: A unique individual rocking orange aviators, a bathrobe and an unbalanced mindset.

Crew Info: "Clinically Insane" is an understatement for this squad. They will jump head first into this chaos, no questions asked. 

Leader: General OG Optic

Bio: The main overseer in charge of surveillance. Nobody is getting passed him or his robotic eye.

Crew Info: Not the most feared crew, but If you think you're getting near the Foul Tower under their radar you are sadly mistaken.


Leader: General OG Pink Berry

Bio: Hardest Numbskull out there with a heart as cold as his favorite pink berry ice cream.

Crew Info: Everyone has to start somewhere and the Numbskulls are doing just that.  They may be the most  chill of The Bonenugz but don't let that fool you.   They're all made of the same sticky bud on the inside.


The Foul Crowd Brand

Foul Crowd started out as a vibrant and bold streetwear brand and we wanted to make sure we still stuck to our roots when getting into the NFT world. You may even notice some of the nugz rocking our tees and hoodies. We also added Custom Tie Dyes to the mix for a unique chill vibe for our unique customers! Foul Crowd is art on every level and we want to share that with the world. Check out the Foul Crowd Market and see what kind of gear we have for you!